Single Scholarship Program

Heartland Co-op is pleased to partner with Iowa State University to offer a $700 academic scholarship to students who successfully complete and pass the Individual Project for Cooperatives - Iowa State – Econ 332.Course.

Heartland Co-op has established this scholarship in partnership with Iowa State University to educate future agricultural leaders about the importance of cooperatives in the agriculture world today.

This scholarship is one way we highlight our commitment to give back to the agriculture field and to support students working toward an agricultural career.

This course is taught in the “Fall Semester” *See application for specifics

To be eligible; students must meet the following requirements:

*Heartland Co-op member (self, parent/guardian, corporation)

* Enrolled in Econ 332 at Iowa State University Complete final class project, confirmed by Professor

*Submit application with copy of project. Click Here to Print or Save the fillable Econ 332 application.


Annual Scholarship Program


Heartland Co-op is a proud sponsor of the Iowa FFA Association and offers twelve $1,000 scholarships to full-time agriculture students, through the Iowa FFA Foundation. Recipients are voted on by a selection committee. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

*Class A Heartland Co-op member (self, parent/guardian, corporation)

*Full-time student accepted into a college program offering an agricultural degree, or a 2-year transferable ag program to major in an agricultural curriculum (must enroll in one or more agriculture class each semester of scholarship year)

*The college's agriculture program can be at any accredited university or college in the US or any 2-year agricultural program.  Dependent children and/or spouses of Heartland Co-op directors and officers are prohibited from receiving a scholarship.

*Recipient can be awarded a scholarship one time only.

*Available to applicants who are undergraduate students in two- or four-year programs (high school Seniors, as well as college Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are eligible to apply)

Click Here to Print or Save the fillable annual scholarship application.

Should you have any questions regarding either Heartland Co-op scholarship programs, contact Jim Hilzendeger at: